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Spotlight Cares


Students with allergies (SWA) can still suffer from a reaction even when taking all the right steps, often caused by a lack of awareness by others.


The food allergy disability shouldn’t be a reason for setting aside student. “I was accommodated for my disability without being made to feel disabled.” -Jonathan

Point of view

Our goal is to facilitate students integrate into college by reestablishing their safety net and lowering the emotional anxiety prior to college. We would like to blur the lines between SWA and without, while still being able to provide them with necessary resources to accommodate their needs.


Our solution is rooted in educating incoming freshman to raise awareness around food allergies and providing an easier transition for students with allergies.

  1. All students will receive an email with an infographic regarding services Northwestern offers for dietary restrictions.

  2. College starter packages would be sent out to students with allergies who opt in. This includes information about the services of Spotlight and a list of  recommended to-dos.

  3. The final roommate care package is sent to their dorms to act as a tool for the SWA to educate his new roommate and show that he is not so different after all. 

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